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outpost workshop is the ongoing collaboration between oriane piskula and philip lyon. In our shop practice, we use traditional construction and engineering methods to create original objects that reflect our artistic and design visions.

when producing custom furniture, we are inspired by the practicality of user experience and engagement with objects. It is through this thoughtful consideration that we seek to improve upon, simplify, and modernize forms.

whimsy and material experimentation are an equally important part of our work. Inspired by abstract, geometric drawings, we use the technique of inlay to inset these two-dimensional patterns within the faces of three dimensional works. We have found that the result of interrupting and insetting a contrasting material within a larger whole is visually striking. Such dislocation and re-insertion not only enables us to use wood as a drawing medium, but magnifies the abstract shapes and grain within the wood itself.

every thing you see is designed and built in a small shop in Hyde Park, MA.